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Most companies today face challenging product testing obstacles simply because products are much more intricate and time to market is essential. We understand your challenges. Korpra has delivered many automated test and measurement systems; from simple data collection to highly integrated control and measurement applications. 

Our test and measurement applications have the the following capability:

  • Acquiring data from a variety of sensors
  • Performing image processing
  • Controlling precise motion
  • Monitoring and controlling industrial processes

Years of Design and Development Experience

NI Trend Watch Test Strategies

We can handle this large variation in data acquisition and control application because of our experience with National Instruments hardware and custom software development. While each customer requirement and application are unique, there are common features that allow us to be efficient, for example:

  • Proven software architecture frameworks
  • Extensive library of reuse code
  • Solutions to common challenges
  • Develop software according to stringent FDA regulations

Korpra can Help with the Following Services

  • Software development for automated test systems, from simple to complex data loggers
  • Industry specific applications such as vibration analysis, vision processing
  • Instrumentation control and driver development
  • Assistance with selecting sensors and signal conditioning hardware
  • Industrial process control and monitoring
  • Documentation such IQ / OQ validation, user manuals
  • LabVIEW training and long-term support
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